How to Heat Press a Shirt Using a Heat Press Machine

To be an expert in t-shirt printing, you have to learn the basics first. It doesn’t matter if you are printing it for business purposes or you just wanted the image of your favourite character in your shirt—you need to know how to properly heat press your shirt using the machine. Make sure to carefully follow these steps to make sure that you’ll come up with a high quality printed t-shirt:

Create or choose your design

Before anything else, you should have your design ready. It’s either you just simply search on the internet for the images of your favourite bands and movies, or you install a software and create your design in which you can showcase using your tee shirt. There are no limitations in your design—it can be in the form of an image of a character, a quote, song lyrics, abstract designs, slogans, etc. as long as you are contented with what you have on your shirt.

If it’s for business purposes, you should consider hiring a graphic artist who can help you come up with the design that is appropriate and suitable for your brand name and company.

Reverse the image and print it out

The next thing is that you need to reverse the image and print it out on your transfer paper. Make sure that you load your heat transfer paper into your printer so that the image will be printed out on the film side of the paper only. If you are planning to do a test print to make sure that there are no errors in your print and the entire design is included in your transfer paper, you should print it again but this time using a regular paper to see how it looks like. Transfer paper is expensive; you might want to save it for final printing processes only.

Cut out your image

After printing, you should cut out the image from your transfer paper. Make sure that you cut it accordingly and neatly because it would reflect on your shirt. You should also grab the chance to cut out all the unwanted and unnecessary parts of your image so that you will be able to print it the way you wanted it to be.

Use the heat press machine

On the final step, you should make sure that your heat press machine is set into a mirror mode otherwise you’ll ruin the design. This is the most common mistakes so double-check before you finally print it. Different brands of machines offers the different feature, make sure that you will be able to utilize it all so that you’ll have a high quality printed t-shirt. There are also some tools that you can use too to operate it properly. Just by using the appropriate materials and following the steps in printing your image, you can rest assured that you’ll come up with a high quality print using your machine.

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